Antimony Pill

Nov 24 2014

I would drink of you to intoxication.

I would be the stiff sip in your glass.

I would shield you in even my vitrification.

I would love you when drunkenness passed.


I would stand between you and the venomous dart.

I would throttle the asp that attacked by the heart.

I drink poison for you. On bitters I sup.

Just don’t look away when I spit them back up:


Arsenic, cyanide, formalin aldehyde—

With my sweet syrup lilting like medicine’s cloy—

Hyaluronidase, phosphodiesterase

Is the stuff of this cancerous, timorous boy.


I ate out your tumor; you stood my harangue.

We swallowed the tonic. We danced and we sang!

The worst poison of all is what’s stored in my fangs,

But a friend in great joy is a friend worth great pangs.

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