He’ll Owe

May 06 2016

“Hello, hell-oh, he’ll owe,” I often say,

again, a gain, but seldom hear, “Goodbye,”

not “No,” not “Yes,” not “Maybe in a day.”

A verse to answer, few will send reply.

Such is the ape’s agape environment,

comprising two bonobos and a tree.

The bo’ attends to bo’, to some extent,

so, til they need the tree, it’s Tree and me.

It’s like my private aisle of the morgue,

out here in Cupid’s Stupid Wonderland.

Perhaps, I’ll skip “dot-com” and start an “org,”

“PleaseSendThisApeToMars.org.” How grand!

The ferryman collects two cents to fly,

so buy the “Bye,” space cowboy, for a by.


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