Breaking Form

Nov 23 2016

I do not hate Creators or the Son.
I do not hide from light or love for shame.
Just look, and find the All in anyone;
the tetragrammaton is not its name.

Dear Yahweh, if your love is without bound,
why must my brother hide his love of man?
Is this your will? Which way to read is sound,
of Torah, Talmud, Bible, or Quran?

If any way is true, then show us now.
Our children die, for how you spell your name!
For many years, I might have called you “Tao,”
but now I think your way is not the same.

Why do you punish ants, and give them crowns?
Of billion trillion stars that we may see,
why come into our little country towns,
see love and faith, say “Give it all to me”?

Our world is just a speck, a mote of blue,
so why do you intend to see its end?
What god above was small enough to you
that, after all, a half of us descend?

Why do you care? For love? Then “save” us all!
Speak clearly, for the writing’s on the wall.

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