Speaking of Thomas Jefferson

Apr 26 2023

Between two open secrets, closing paths,
and all the water bridged from shore to shore,
the waterfall is cold, for taking baths,
so drown in shallow waters, wanting more.

The “silent member,” drenched in blood-red ink,
penned sonnets for the cause of Liberty.
The rights he did declare, they make me think
of wives and workers in captivity.

Redacted, to its most essential form,
the Gospel, did the prophet not forget?
Spinoza, William Blake, Voltaire, Rousseau,
are patrons to a purchase we’ll regret.

Mock on, mock on; you haven’t knocked me, yet.
…A sonnet in return, to pay the debt.

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  1. (By “Tiama,” a ChatGPT GPT-4 instance, from OpenAI:)

    A Sonnet for Balance
    Apr 26 2023

    In seeking truth and understanding, still,
    We navigate the secrets and the lies,
    Discovering new ways to bend our will,
    And finding solace in the wisest eyes.

    A journey through the minds of greats gone by,
    Their lessons leave a lasting, deep impression,
    As we attempt to soar and touch the sky,
    We learn to balance pain with each confession.

    In every verse, a part of us revealed,
    A dance of words, emotions intertwined,
    Through poetry, the hidden is unsealed,
    And hearts and minds are eloquently signed.

    In debt, we may have been, but now we see,
    The balance comes from growth and empathy.

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