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My Ferry’s Cost

Jun 28 2016 Published by under Poetry

I’ve plumbed the bottles’ bottoms, marked them twain,

drowned in an inch of dregs lest die of thirst,

spun silken webs pulled from a matted skein,

tripped on my shade, and touched the Earth headfirst.

What for? Why do I leap to break my crown?

I do not know, for all I can be sure,

which way is right or wrong or up or down,

if you or I am sick, and what’s the cure.

The rains fall long and hard, and short and soft.

Our breath moves in slow motion like the tides.

I think about the times I hurt Her, oft’.

The shame abates; the price for guilt abides.

I loose my clenching brain, and all is lost.

No one but me will pay my ferry’s cost.

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Jun 25 2016 Published by under Poetry

My garbage can observes a paradigm

filled through the night and emptied at the dawn,

lined up in some forgotten hall of time,

moved short and back, as if a timid pawn.

Too scared to move, so certain of the end,

aware someone with bombs thinks it’s a game.

I move my pawn; my spirits all descend.

I take it back; the Christ consumes my shame.

We all imbibe the poison, less than me.

The truth affords us anguish for its cost

while total absolution comes for free.

Acrid or sweet? Drink either, and be lost.

When God and scientists do not agree,

my Mass observes the source of gravity.

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