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It’s Not “God”

Mar 23 2020 Published by under Uncategorized

For all the space betwixt the mouth and feet,
six paces, down and up the market stalls,
my heart is neither stopped, nor fully beat;
our pressure rises, but our volume falls.

Dear “cat,” balm to my ear, and Eye of Ra,
pretend a new bisulfate’s in the germ’
to treat the crown-of-thorns, by coup d’etat
of Cancer, Emperor of the Infirm.

Hear, oh, poor Israel—it’s even odds.
The balance rises, and the balance falls.
‘Tis no man’s fault, nor woman’s, child’s, or god’s,
not yours, nor mine, nor Adam’s, Eve’s, or Paul’s.

It’s not Muhammad’s, not by prophets, made;
It’s not Yeshua, casting half in shade.

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