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For My Brother Allan

Jul 25 2016 Published by under Poetry

You told me once, my poems made me seem
more human than my fiction will admit.
Admit to me, to sleep perchance to dream
is noble in the mind as to submit.
Great stolid bull, unbending rooted rock,
indomitable king upon the board,
your words and mine alike are writ’ in chalk.
The hammer falls; the taunt conceals a sword.
God rolled your dice. That I could cast His down–
a money-changer tossed into the street–
I’d give my head, to break His pyrite crown
and mend your pieces shattered at my feet.
I’d give to you my head–its holes, its horns.
I’d wear your holy, bloody crown of thorns.

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Why not?

Jul 10 2016 Published by under Poetry

“Perhaps. Why not?” A word is all it took

to jostle into motion all that is

and what might be. “Who cares?” By hook or crook,

the first and final words are always his.

Perhaps, you’re sick of missives spelled “Submit.”

Perhaps, the charm is shattered like a glass

pressed to your lips, so cloying you could spit,

refused, abused, and cast into the grass.

I think the Bang that birthed us all just broke

under the stress of what you must endure.

It feels the punch and understands the joke,

but, why it should be funny, She’s unsure.

These microverse aggressions make no sense.

Mankind is bruised at womankind’s expense.

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